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Dedicated to the Advancement of the Neuroscience and
Treatment of Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders



DrNeurosci.com is a website founded by Mark Stanford, Ph.D. (aka Dr. Neurosci). The website is dedicated to the advancement of the neuroscience of substance use and mental health disorders. This goal is accomplished through the distribution of printed materials, posting of current research on the neuroscience and biobehavioral aspects of drug addiction and mental disorders, participation at conferences and events, and serving as a gateway to other websites of a neuroscientific nature. Dr. Neurosci also provides consultations to systems of care and individual programs on the integration of evidence-based practice standards. For more information about Mark Stanford, Ph.D, click here.

Here's what healthcare professionals are saying about Mark Stanford, PhD (Dr. Neurosci):

"Mark Stanford, Ph.D. has the length, breadth and depth of experience in addiction, mental and general health settings that explain why his training and consultation is so grounded and effective. Mark's personal and interpersonal style is such that when he trains and consults, his work is not only competent and practical, but is enjoyable and really communicates. "

David Mee-Lee, M.D.
Senior Vice President, The Change Companies
Chief Editor, The ASAM Criteria

"Mark Stanford is one of the architects of an exemplary system of care for the treatment of individuals with substance use disorders (SUD). Mark has the rare combination of abilities to understand the science of addiction and to be able to translate that science into real world practices and policies that result in the optimal delivery of evidence-based care. Added to this expertise, Mark has spent thousands of hours with the patients who receive SUD treatment, so for him patient-centered care isn't a new buzz word, it is how he has spent his career. "

Rick Rawson, PhD
Co-Director of UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs
Professor-in-Residence at the UCLA Department of Psychiatry

"Mark Stanford, PhD is an outstanding teacher and an excellent writer. We collaborated on a paper on alcohol use disorders, and his writing is clear, intelligent, and evidence-based. He is the consummate professional and a wonderful colleague."

Anna Lembke, MD
Chief, Addiction Medicine Dual Diagnosis Clinic
Director, Stanford Addiction Medicine Program
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Stanford University School of Medicine

"Dr. Mark Stanford is a brilliant educator and innovator. Utilizing his vision, fund of knowledge, and expertise, Dr. Mark Stanford is able to guide practice and create system change for improved patient care. In the years I worked with Dr. Stanford, he was able to make change on a system level, increase access to substance use disorder treatment, and implement innovative programs in alcohol dependence medical treatment for vulnerable patient populations."

Sara Doorley, MD
Medical Director Valley Homeless Healthcare Program
Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System

"Dr Mark Stanford has helped our team get smarter about how to help our patients with substance use and co-occurring disorders. We are now doing screening and brief intervention with all our patients and we've gotten many more patients into treatment and on a path to recovery. Talking about substance abuse problems used to be a big challenge. Now we can better serve our patients because we know how to have constructive motivating conversations that can help patients commit to change."

Maia White RN, MSW
Manager Care Transitions
Alameda Health System



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