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Foundations in Behavioral Pharmacology

Foundations in Behavioral Pharmacology
An Introduction to the Neuroscience of
Drug Addiction and Mental Disorders

by Mark Stanford, Ph.D.


There are many excellent materials on the subject of drug abuse and mental illness but many of these materials can be too laborious to be read by busy clinicians or simply too difficult to understand by people new to the field of healthcare. Other materials can be just the opposite - being so oversimplified that the accuracy and science gets lost or overly minimized. Dr. Stanford's book on Foundations in Behavioral Pharmacology has found the perfect balance. The overall objective of the book is to help the healthcare provider gain a working understanding of the neurobiological and pharmacological factors that contribute to drug addiction and mental disorders.

This book is now being used at colleges and universities around the nation.

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Professional Perspectives on Addiction Medicine - Volume 1:
Understanding Opioid Addiction and the Functionality of Methadone Treatment (2007)

Edited by Mark Stanford, PhD, and Donald Avoy, MD – authors of the book’s 8 chapters include such well-known clinicians as Joan Zweben, PhD, Judith Martin, MD, Robert Kahn, PhD, and others.
The text is easy to follow and all medical terms are clearly defined, so readers without medical training will find the book understandable. Yet, the authors do not shy away from what otherwise could be overly complex subjects. Exemplifying this approach is the title of Chapter 3 written by Dr. Stanford: “The Behavioral Pharmacology of Methadone: The Easy-to-Understand Version.” This is an important subject, which would be off-putting for some readers were it not for Dr. Stanford’s clear explanations using everyday language. Like all chapters in the book, this one is based on scientific evidence and references for relevant literature are provided. In fact, the ample references to authoritative resources consulted in developing the book set it apart from most other literature of this type intended for a broad audience.

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